In addition to exploring what the customer really needs in depth and empathy, they also provide support after project implementation, which is included in the scope.
Premium Support
Premium support services often offer technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with support A premium technical team that experienced in their field
Well Experienced
A team with 20 years of experience in the world of banking and technology and has contributed for 2 years in our company as Technology Consultant

Our Services

We provide services related to technology solutions and digital transformation consulting to grow your business.

Corporate Finance

Experienced in the banking sector, providing consulting services and technology solutions that include developing banking modules, monitoring performance tools, BI, DWH, and developing big data and analytics

Web and Mobile Apps Developer

Provide solution with Development of web and mobile applications (Android & iOS) as solutions and digital transformation to support our customers' business growth optimally

Build DWH, BI and Market Analysis

Build a DWH environment, development, data modeling, data visualization Tableau as a data solution and Market analytics for management needs and strategy performance monitoring

Our Latest Projects

We provide you with education sector applications in order to support academic processes on international campuses. In addition to innovating digitization as a business solution for buying and selling used cars, which mobopedia expected to support the economy of automotive business players

Admission Modul
Admission Modul

Indonesian International Islamic University in serving the registration and selection students.

Academic Modul
Academic Modul

Indonesian International Islamic University in serving the Academic Application.

LMS Modul
LMS Modul

Indonesian International Islamic University in serving the Learning Application.

Mobopedia apps (mysorum)
Mobopedia apps (mysorum)

The mobile application as a solution for buying and selling car premium quality with detailed information


What our customers are saying about us after using our products and support

Prof. Dr. Bahrul Hayat, Ph.D

We from the International Islamic University of Indonesia as users of PT Smart System Infotama give our highest appreciation for helping in the development of systems on our campus with professional services and support, starting from the ideation stage to implementation, providing optimal solutions to us as users. Not only assistance, but even post-implementation support for 3 months is provided continuously with premium support provided.

Prof. Dr. Bahrul Hayat, Ph.D Vise Chancellor of UIII

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